Top Question This Week:

What Does Fabric Hand Mean?

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FABRIC HAND  is simply how a fabric feels to the hand when it is touched or more specifically when it is lightly scooped up and squeezed. 


Because the feel of the fabric will directly affect the successful use of that fabric and the happiness of the client. Use it wrong, regret it long! 

For instance, when you scrunch the fabric in your hand, does it feel silky smooth, and fall free of wrinkles?  Great for luxurious bedding.

Does it feel strong (tensile strength) with a deep nap?  Great for upholstery but too heavy for bedding.

Does it feel loosely woven, cool, but wrinkle badly as linen?  Great for draperies where vertical gravity will help keep it wrinkle free,

Does it feel sticky such as many fabrics do after certain chemical applications? In this case do not use anywhere it could be touched.

Does it feel slick and cool such as vinyl? Great for easy care applications but not to sit on for long time.

Does it have shape retention, when wrinkles fall out and it returns to original smoothness?  Etc.


The way a fabric feels rather than how it looks is the most important factor for determining how to use it. 

Go forth, scrunch and squeeze fabric! Think about how YOU would want it to feel! 

Have you ever experienced choosing the wrong fabric because you did not test the fabric hand?

If so, please comment and lets all learn from one another!